Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My First Trip to Thailand

What an amazing place. Thailand is called The Land of Smiles and in my opinion, home the world's nicest people! My gig singing at the Mandarin Oriental was incredible. My band was unbelievably talented and the staff at the hotel warm and kind and the most hospitable on earth! In an international city as bustling as Bangkok (think NY) you would be surprised to know that I didn't come across a single rude person in 3 months! Everyone I encountered was kind and considerate. I made many friends & one very dear friend that I will know forever, my friend Muk. Below are shots with my friends. The first is Muk & I and then second are all the girls that worked at the Bamboo Bar - Ay, Little Kae, Big Kae, and Muk. 

The sights and smells of the city are like no other. The smell of incense and teak wood and jasmine flowers battle the air with traffic, pollution, open fish markets, and stalls cooking spicy Thai dishes right on the corner. It's a land of great diversity, rich culture, and a peace and gratefulness that is rare to witness.

I had a wonderful time there and experienced so much. It was one of the best gigs I ever had, too. The band was great and the place packed most nights. Really one of the best times of my life. These shots were taken on my last night before I went home.

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