Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Child's First Birthday

April 11, 2007 was a miraculous day!

The moon was 3/4 full, heading towards the new moon on the 17th . The temperature was hot and balmy (about 94 F) in the southern part of Thailand. It was the Year of the Fire Pig, according to the Chinese Zodiac. A year said to be very lucky, as the fire element in the The Year of the Pig only occurs once every 600 years. Well, it was a once in a lifetime occurrence to us! A beautiful baby girl was born on the other side of the world and unknowingly became the answer to our prayers. While we were here waiting to be parents and give all our love to a child, she was born under difficult circumstances and needed a mommy and daddy to love her. God united our souls through the awesome gift of adoption. It's so amazing.

Today, this new Mommy & Daddy are giddy and excited, but also feel a strong tug at our hearts because we can't be there for her 1st birthday. So we did what any emotionally charged, eager new parents would do: we ordered Thai food from our favorite restaurant, put a "1" candle on a coconut flange and celebrated her birthday. We said a special prayer for her health and safety until we can get there and thanked God for her precious life. Sappy? Oh yea. I have been the QUEEN of Sappiness lately! But someday we can show her the picture and she will know that from a land far, far away someone was loving her and celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday baby!

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