Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Gonna have to bullet point cause there is no time for my usual ramblings today!

- Took Ruby on a horse drawn hayride at Shady Brook Farms Friday evening and it was sooo magical! They do a spectacular drive or ride-through holiday light show. Went with our good friends Kimi & Chris and their 2 kids. A good time was had by all!
-Afterwards, we went to a Japanese steak house for hibachi. It was both fun and delicious and Ruby ate like she hasn't seen food for 2 months. LOL! The kid really likes her Asian dishes!  Time to dust off those cook-books and get serious with my Asian recipes!
- Got my contract in for the Disney project and the VP actually wrote a personal note saying he loved the vocals and my song and..."let's make it a Disney classic!" Woa. This is a guy with 14 Grammy nominations (and 2 wins) under his belt. Pretty cool words to read! I find it both hilarious and ironic that I worked all my life to be this big star and tried to sing like everyone else. I tried everything and sang pop, R&B, country, gospel, blues, and jazz.  Now when it's not so important and I'm just singing with my God-given 16 year old sounding voice I get a deal! Ha! Hey, it's all good and I guess the lesson here is to always be yourself no matter what. Only took me 40 years to figure out! :-)
- Got a Christmas tree and the trimming is underway!
-Went to our first kids birthday party at an indoor gym-type place called Bouncing Off The Walls. Our friends Charlsey & John did a combined b-day party for their kids, Logan & Ava. It was a lot of fun and Ruby was brave and went right in the bouncy thing and climbed up the psuedo slide. She's not a fan of pizza and didn't eat any so I let her eat some cake. Yea, not a great idea. She was rather wired from both the sugar and all the activity, so next time I think I will feed her lunch BEFORE we go to a birthday party. Still, it was a great time and a fun, fun weekend.
-Today we are having a lazy morning decorating the tree, followed by a Christmas parade in a nearby town this afternoon if she is up from her nap by then.

Fun weekend!


dawn said...

I told Lily about your Disney recordings and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. she is so excited for you, as are we.
Welcome to the world of Kiddie b-days. We just got home from one with 2 very worn out girlies.

Ellie said...

Wow!!! Sounds like you're keeping busy and having a ton of fun, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Kid Birthday Parties, We have attend a couple since we have been home. Let's just say Lyla doesn't like cake at all, and uses breadsticks as a spoon for marinara sauce. I am still completely amused at the new foods for these little girls. Lyla loves sushi and Japanese salad with a ginger dressing. It is awesome news about the Disney Recording and contract. Congratulations.

Sherry said...

I am so excited for you regarding the Disney recordings! That's incredible! What an awesome year you're having! So happy for you!

rosemary said...

You have the perfect voice for Disney! I haven't been to a hibachi grill in ages - you're giving me all kinds of good ideas.

Mireille said...

Proud of you my Disney Diva!! Well, for the next 10 years there are a lot of parties to attend.. the girls have almost every weekend at least 1. How lovely is it to decorate the house for Xmas as a family of 3!! YEAH!!