Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Countdown Is On!

Only one month till Ruby's birthday party! And one month and a day until my baby turns 3! So hard to believe. She is growing up so fast! Had to go get her some new pj's and leggings today cause she is outgrowing her current ones! Got some really cute stuff for her party, too. Horses on sticks (for only $1 at Dollar Tree!), stuffed pigs and cows for favors, and a big sheep planter thing for the yard. The sheep is way cute! Not sure what I am gonna put in it yet. Also got some containers and stuff like that. Online I ordered more favors and the cutest Petting Zoo sticker book from Birthday in A Box. Also there, I found some great farm themed favor boxes to put everything in. Think I am going to tie the horse/stick things on each kids chair. Still have to find a company that rents kids tables and someone who rents or sells hay. Going to order the cow cake and cupcakes this week. So a lot of the plans are well under way!

I decided on a bike, too. The classic Radio Flyer Red Tricycle. Still searching for a cute bike helmet in red that's not boyish. I may get a plain one and get crafty with some stickers and make it all flower-power. We'll see!

Anyway, it has been so fun planning her special day. Jeff watched Ruby for a couple hours so I could run around and get some stuff done. She is fine with me leaving now and knows I will come back. She greats me with the biggest smile and hug! What a feeling that is to hear her yell MOMMY! and run into my arms. She is the best!

Goodness, I forgot to mention the boots! Her cowboy boots came in today and I was just as excited as she was! They are SOOO super cute! There are stars and flowers on them and they light up as she walks. She was thrilled and even had them on with her jammies tonight. So glad they fit and she loves 'em so much!


Kam said...

How sweet! I'm already imagining how fun her party will be!

Jessica said...

Sounds like it's going to be the party of the year. I love the classic Radio Flyer tricycle, retro but so cute.

Nichole and Craig said...

Sounds like you are planning an awesome party. We also decided on a farm theme for Jaxin's party in July. We have a farmer bringing a pony and some other small animals for the kids to play with.
I LOVE the boots. How cute that she wears them everywhere.