Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Our little angel. Our sweet Ruby. It was your 3rd birthday today! We celebrate and embrace this beautiful day you were put on this earth! The world is a better place with you in it...especially OUR world!

After the fan fair of yesterday, we were all a bit tired. Happy, but lazy, so we spent the whole day just hanging out at home together. We started the day in your room the way we usually do - Ruby and Mommy. Daddy had gotten up early and crept downstairs to get some coffee and start his day. Mommy and Ruby rested a little while longer. You woke up cute but groggy, as always and we snuggled close. Even after you are awake you like to lay there and hug and cuddle and giggle before getting up. So this we do almost every morning and I just love this time together! But today, I also told you a little story. About a beautiful young lady in Thailand and how she had a beautiful baby girl on this special day. You laid there sweetly as I told you the story and then we snuggled some more. Behind your back I shed a tear for the mother that didn't get to hold you today. I said a silent prayer for her and then focused on how lucky I am to be the one that did get to hold you this sweet morning.

Soon we got up, got dressed, and joined Daddy, Grammy, Pappy, & Grandma downstairs. Even before breakfast you remembered the presents so we rushed in to open them all and play a bit before eating. Such fun for you! You received lots of great gifts and fun things. Your favorites seemed to be the violin from Grandma, your Dora doll and Hello Kitty rain boots from Grammy & Pappy, and your housekeeping cart from Mommy & Daddy. (You were still "cleaning" the windows before bedtime! LOL, this is a habit we hope you continue as you get older!) Oh, and your bike! You loved your bike! And your pretty pony that you call the "mommy" and the little horses, too. Also you have been asking for an umbrella and were so excited to see the Hello Kitty one from your friend Brianna. But back to our brunch...

Grammy made a quiche and fruit salad plus we had lots of left overs from the party. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day today so we set up our feast outside. So nice! When we said grace, we went around the table and everyone got to add something to the prayer. Everyone said how much they love and are grateful for you in our lives! You are loved by so many little girl!

By 1:30, the grandparents had all headed home and it was just the 3 of us again. We watched you ride your bike around the porch awhile, played with the balls, and then just sat together eating soft pretzels. Me in my rocking chair. Daddy in his. And you in your new matching white mini rocking chair that was a birthday present from Grandma. Such a relaxing afternoon and just what we needed after all the excitement of yesterday. You spent a good couple hours of bonding time with Daddy today, too. It was so sweet. I was cleaning up but poked my head in to see you two snuggled up on the couch together. And at another point I guess you were having a pretty good time playing cause your laughter filled the house and poured into the other room where I was working. I joined you before dinner, then we ate, and snuggled up to watch a show together afterwards. It was a documentary on Buddha on PBS and, amazingly, you watched it with great interest. You were also so cuddly and cute tonight, jumping from me to Daddy for hugs and kisses and then back again. We were more than happy to give 'em! It was a great day and a relaxing end to our weekend.

In another couple hours your birthday will be over my sweet baby. But the love and the fun remains. That is a constant and my promise to you. To always do my best to fill your life with love and fun and laughter. I love you, sweet daughter. We both love you very much!

(NOTE: The above picture is just a teaser. More pics from the party will be posted soon!)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. It is amazing to read this blog posting and just think how much has happened in Ruby's life in six months. I am so glad her birthday weekend was filled with such love and excitement.

Maci Miller said...

Thanks Liz. It really is a miracle how our girls adjusted and are doing so well, isn't it? I am just so happy. This weekend was just icing on the (cow) cake! Hugs to Lyla!

Nichole and Craig said...

I love the photo hay you had set up. Ruby looks like a little cowgirl princess. Happy Birthday Ruby