Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Am Sad

The fighting continues in Bangkok and it's been very much on our minds and in our hearts. As it turns more and more violent, I find myself in complete disbelief. How can this happen to such a peace loving country like Thailand? Why do humans always find a way to cause trouble and fight with one another? Why do they think violence is the answer? Thailand has always been a country that has worked out most of their problems with non violence ...until recently. It makes me very sad.

I got an email from Father Joe today. He is worried for the safety of the children at Mercy. There are fire bombs being let off all over the city and one just hit a nearby slum. They have watchmen all over the place to help guard the center. The older kids on the 3rd floor have been alerted to watch as well. How difficult their lives have already been and now they have to worry about a fire bomb? Many of these children have AIDS, too. How unfair is it that they have to see this happen during their final days?

As I sit here in the comfort of my kitchen, all my morning "woes"- cold weather, house a mess, didn't accomplish much today, Ruby not napping, etc. - fall to the wayside in their pettiness. How lucky are we to have Ruby home safe and sound. My heart wants to reach out and give those kids a big hug today. How I wish I could reach out and give all of Bangkok a big hug today. Mercy Centre has already put the word out that they will take in all children and families that need medical attention and/or a place to live. They will turn down no one. In Father Joe's words - never have, never will. So what can I do? I am only one but I can send them more money soon to help and keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Please do the same - at least with the prayers. Not only for Mercy, but for peace in all of Thailand. Especially all those beautiful children living with their family and/or living in orphanages in Bangkok.

UPDATE: I completely forgot about the TRC being so close to all the riots and fires yesterday! My heart is heavy. HUGE prayers for all the children and workers there and all the people caught up in this horrible ordeal. Also, wishing a safe return for all the families there and no delays for the families that are still waiting. God, guide your children to safe havens and get them swiftly home to their families!


Nadine & Conn said...

HI Jenn,

It is so devastating and to think just a few short months ago we were there and everything seemed well. I am also thinking about the moms and dads who have their baby waiting for them there. The road to adoption is so long and for us 4 yrs, I can only imagine how devastating it is for those that wait as well. I pray that this ends real soon!!!

Ellie said...

Oh, Jen! As you certainly know, this makes me feel sick to my stomach! My heart hurts for the Thai people. I worry for the children at the TRC, who are living right in the thick of it. I worry for our adoption. It's an awful, hopeless feeling. Praying for Bangkok!

Maci Miller said...

Hang in there Ellie! This has got to pass soon. Of course, I am so sad for the children anywhere in Bkk- meaning in all the orphanages - and also the families there now. I didn't say that but of course that is on my mind. I was just so upset about Father Joe's letter when I wrote this post.

Jessica said...

Every morning I wake up and check the Bangkok Post and it just seems like the news is grim. Joining in your prayers peace, safety and guidance.