Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day

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Jeff's Father's Day present arrived today. I worked late nights for weeks to make it just right and then I realized that even with overnight delivery it still wouldn't get here on time. He didn't care. He already has the best gift on the planet and that's a wonderful daughter (his words...but mine too!) The book was real special for him, though, and I was so happy to give it to him! There are pictures from Ruby's first minutes with Daddy all the way through until now. It says things like: my Daddy and I like to do this or my Pa taught me how to do that. Ruby really likes it too and I thought it'd be a nice thing for them to read and in the future.

We were in Hbg for the weekend visiting family and it was a great time. Got to see and spend time with both of our wonderful Dads and extended family as well. Hope the day was very special for all the dads out there! Especially those celebrating it for the first time!

To my hubs, Jeff: You are a wonderful, kind hearted man, my best friend, and an incredible father. The best Daddy on the planet! We are so lucky to have you in our lives and love you so much!


Ellie said...

Happy Father's Day, Jeff! I can tell that you're a wonderful Daddy to sweet Ruby Kate!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful memories captured. I am glad you are having fun.

Jessica said...

What a great book. I love the cover!

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, Jess! I made it at Kam told me about them and they do a great job.

Mireille said...

Couldn't access the book, but I am sure it is as great as the cover and with such a wonderful father to Ruby it is a very special memory!!