Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friendships Bloom

So sweet to see Ruby with her little friends! I don't know if it's the age or the familiarity at this point, but she is interacting with them so much more. Especially with my nephew Ryan and her friends Brianna and Ava. She has known these 3 from the time she got home just about. This is Ava and Ruby with "Zoey" at Sesame Place on Tuesday. They were so sweet and kept hugging each other!
Love this shot! Ava just ran up and hugged her and I got their attention. Ha ha they are both such little posers. Just like their moms.

They played on this slide for awhile and it was so cute how Ava was helping her up.

They would wait for each other and go down the slide together almost every time.

Running back for more fun!
And this is Ruby and Brianna at our house one day...

...and at Sesame on Thursday. We are surely getting a lot of use out of that season pass!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you are having lots of fun in the sun. I love summer time. Ruby is growing up so quick.

Jessica said...

So sweet. I love that a good friend is one that waits for you on the slide!

Ellie said...

So cute to see Rubes with her little friends :-) She and Ava are too cute, how they have so many hugs and want to slide together!!! Love it!

Mireille said...

These first friendships are really special, my girls still talk about Emmie & Ella, their first friends in Ridgefield, CT.