Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play Dough Pedicure

...and other fun stuff!

When the days are hot we get creative around here. One day we were oh so bored so I whipped out the mammoth Playdough set my brother got Ruby for her birthday. Ruby got some on her toe by accident and when I pointed it out she thought it very funny. This lead to me giving her a "pedicure" which she thought was the most WONDERFUL idea. Naturally, she wanted to give me one, too...
Pure Playdough silliness
We made animals and rings and bracelets and many fun things that day. Other days we are not so creative. :-)

And here is some art stuff we did a few weeks back...
Really into it.
This one I helped with a lot. She loves umbrellas and was very excited about this project.
This one I didn't help (except the "happiness is" at the top). She really likes to glue things.
And just being silly.

Fun stuff!


Kam said...

Making memories, mama!
Love it all!

Ellie said...

Jen! She's SO cute! Getting so big. I sure enjoy seeing her expressions. She's just changed so much since she's come home, from the photos of your first days together. She's come out of her shell and become such a confident little girl!

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas. You two look so happy like you have done it forever.

Jessica said...

That's some serious glueing you've got going on. Sounds like serious summer beat-the-heat projects.

Mireille said...

This must be the BEST pedicure you ever had!! So fun and so creative!! You are such a fun mom Jen!!