Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Party For Ruby

For all of us, really. For Mommy & Daddy it was a day to introduce her to family friends who never met her before and enjoy their company. For Jeff's Mom and Dad, it was a day to share their granddaughter with those closest to them. And for Ruby, it was a day to be showered with love and attention. Jeff's parents threw a wonderful party for Ruby this past Sat. It was a beautiful day. Nice weather, good food, great company. LaRae and Woody's friends are so lovely! They were so generous with their kindness and gifts for our Ruby. Rubes had a fun day and, I must say, we adults had fun too! 
Our party girl with Jeff's cousin, Doug. She sure loves the men. Gonna lock her up when she's a teen!
Lil Diva with her new hand bag. Jealous dog behind her like, yea, how come SHE gets all the attention?
Sharing a moment with Pa.
Lovely ladies
Nice fellas...with 2 girls on the go
The Buxton kids 
Yummy treats!
Jeff and his sis
The, Rubes, Tammey
Our hostess "Martha" aka LaRae (Jeff's mom)
Ruby got nail polish in one of her gift bags and when she wanted to put it on immediately, Ben and Jerry thought they could help. LOL, see below.
Nice work, boys! haha
Cute girls Addy & Ruby running around and playing
Addy LOVES to paint nails & was all too excited to do Ruby's nails. Ruby was all too happy to oblige! Luckily, she did a much better job then the men! :-)
Ruby got loads of cool Kailan books and toys from Addy and her family and lots of great books, toys, dolls, bears, and clothes from the other guests. We love her Hello Kitty lunch box from Aunt Tam and the Disney princess book and bag of princess goodies from Carrie. Also a really cool Build-a-Bear from Scott and Sue. Such wonderful things! Ruby loved them but I think her favorite present was this doll (below). She grabbed my camera and this is the first thing she took a picture of:
"Baby".  We haven't gotten to the point where we actually name things yet, so it's just Baby. The thing is hilarious cause you put the bottle in it's mouth and it sucks loudly. If you pull it out it cries for like 30 seconds. Ruby gets seriously annoyed when it cries which I find really funny so Mommy will sneak the bottle in it's mouth and then take it out once in awhile just for kicks. tee hee.
Sweet girls playing piano together. Addy is quite good and Ruby was loving it and singing along.

A fun day and a wonderful party! Thanks Grammy & Pappy!

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