Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd Day: Worse and then Better

The morning started out okay. She was groggy, but still in a good mood. She was very happy to be wearing her black boots. :-) We talked about school, about Mommy dropping her off and coming back later, and about how much fun she would have today. She seemed to get it. So pulling up to the school I was not expecting what followed. I pulled up and said hello to Miss Stacy and Miss Deb. She was still fine. But as soon as the teachers aid went for the latch to her seat belt she let out a cry and wail like she was being taken from me forever. So darn heartbreaking. I told her I love her and I was coming back soon and left as I was instructed to do. Went home and waited a whole hour till I couldn't take it anymore and called the school. She was fine! They said she stopped crying by the time she hit the bottom step! But it was so cute. She made a drawing for me. A butterfly that she said was for Mommy. God bless her she's so sweet! 
When I went to pick her up today the kids were all out at the playground again. I scanned the area and found her over by the wall. At first I thought maybe she looked sad and was standing by herself. She was near but not interacting with 2 other kids. I looked again and there she was curiously moving towards and interacting with one of the girls. I spotted the teachers aid and asked if she was interacting at all and she said, "oh yes! A lot today!" So glad.  Then Rubes and her new bionic ears heard me and rushed the gate. So darn cute is this child. She knew it was locked and I had to go to the main door so she said "Mommy! Door! Over there! This! This!" pointing me in the right direction. She then proceeded to grab Miss Deb by the hand and drag her around excitedly saying "Hurry! Come on!" LOL. She was so happy and chatty when we met at the door and very proud and excited to show me her painting and colored butterfly. Miss Deb gave me a quick run down and we were headed to the car. On the way we passed the playground. She said "Look!" pointing to the kids, "My friends." Oh, are those your new friends? I said. "MY friends" she said with a sense of protective ownership. Yes, honey, they are YOUR nice!

 I think she's gonna be okay. We may still have some speed bumps and tears, but she's gonna be okay. This mom is relieved and  swelling...with love and pride.


Mireille said...

Totally cute and adorable!! She will be fine, I know it is harder on the moms than on the kids...

Sharon said...

How gorgeous is the little miss Ruby!!!!!! Hmmm, not sure about the teachers taking the kids out of the car seat. I remember a friend doing that to Jaxin and he screamed his head off! Can you not take her inside yourself and get her settled? It's hard isn't it!!

I told our kindergarten teacher that I WOULD be staying for the first couple of days - I stayed in the background doing little bits and pieces for the teacher while quietly observing Jaxin's first days - I loved it and to see him happy and interacting with others was great!

Just loved how Ruby is SO excited to see you when you return to pick her up. HUGS, am thinking of you xx

Jessica said...

Well, darn it if she didn't look cute. Hope things are start turning around.

I remember hating first grade if my mom couldn't pick me up and I had to take the bus home. And Ruby's just in pre-K. Hoping this passes soon!