Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Days

Sometimes the best days are the ones you don't plan for. You have no expectations about how the day should go. You just go with it. Such were our snow days. Been cleaning and putting things away as we've been playing and singing and dancing. There have been lazy afternoons in front of the tube and warm nights by the fire. Good stuff! A few highlights:
 Ruby's joy when she got her first dinner in her new Tinkerbell dinnerware.
Finally getting her to try on that dress and laughing as she didn't ever want to take it off!
Watching her so happy and comfortable in her home and with her sweet things. Thinking how very lucky we are to have this child in our lives.
Watching with great pride as she has learned to draw and write more and more. That art easel is the best thing I have ever purchased. Gave it to her b4 Christmas because she was with me when I found it on sale for on $29! She's on it every single day. My friend Dawn bought her these cool markers that look like paint brushes and she loves 'em.
Her tracing and writing is really coming along! So proud I had to post a pic! She can write some letters pretty well by herself - like "U" and "Y" and "M". Here I wrote Daddy and Mommy in yellow and she wrote over them with the blue. Such a good job that I was all teary eyed! (The "Ruby" in green and "Daddy" in purple were written by me). She's come so far in just a year.
Here she traced her name and did a pretty darn good job I think! Seems to write better with her right hand and yet she uses her left to color, paint, and draw most of the time. Interesting.
And this! We could not believe it. I drew the shapes at the top (in yellow) but she drew this picture entirely on her own! This morning when she saw me put the pic on here she exclaimed "Lasso!" I hadn't realized it before but she drew her "boy" with a lasso! Love this creativity from our lil cowgirl!

And one of the sweetest moments... all of us snuggled on the couch to watch Nanny McPhee 2. Such a sweet movie. Ruby just loved it. We all did. Was really a nice night. Love moments like that when times just seems to slow down and we all just snuggle and smile. Life is good.


Wendy said...

Great, sweet memories to treasure!

chris & ben said...

Love her drawing! You must be so proud!

Maci Miller said...

I am SOOO proud Christina!