Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silly Things That Make Me Smile

Jello Face
*Ruby woke up the happiest, sweetest little thing today even though she had broken sleep. Wish I was so charming on so little rest!
* Was an absolute angel and delight both taking her and picking her up from school today. Leapt into my arms upon entering (like most days) and said "Mommy! Mommy! I so glad to see you!" That just never gets old.
* Has been hugging me a lot and saying "Momma" real sweet and with such love in her eyes. Makes mine tear up!
* Has been particularly silly and sassy today. Jumping, dancing around, twirling, and is oh so chatty.
* She came in the door today and said to Jeff "oh-lay-hee-hoo!" We both just cracked up.
* She now calls her piggy bank the "money pig". LOL, we love this.
*She still sings to her Christmas tree every night b4 bed. Has to do a bit of a concert for us complete with bow and pretend flowers we give her as she blows kisses. Silly lil diva.
* Watching her paint with Jello today was hilarious. She ate much more than actually went on the paper and had little bits of it all over her.
* We decided a bath was in order so lil miss silly pants is now soaking in bubbles and having a blast. I am in here with her, but she is gleefully playing and having a full conversation with her Mermaid Barbie, dolphin, "Daddy swimmer guy", Kailan, and pig. It's so funny. I really wish there was a video camera up here cause "they" are talking about choo-choo trains, the Bubble Guppies, how to do stuff, and even playing out parts to her favorite movies and books. Just random statements amongst splashing and silliness. Literally, my face hurts from smiling today. And it's only 3:00 pm.
UPDATE: It is now almost dinner time and she is now making Daddy over...putting pretend lip gloss on him and "blow drying" his hair. Here she is using the "flat iron". Think the jewelry is coming next. Haha, Daddy is such a good sport and this girl is such a trip! Such a fun day with her.

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Jessica said...

What an adorable jello face. We tried ice cube painting and T wanted to eat the ice cubes too! Ughh!

I don't know how they manage to wake up sweet with little/poor sleep. And it's without the benefit of coffee too!