Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silly Statements

Ruby informed us tonight that she had a boo-boo on her leg. "Look! It's red!" When we told her we didn't see a boo-boo she exclaimed that YES! It IS RED. (Seriously, it wasn't the slightest bit red). So then she tells us her leg is "crinkled".  Jeff & I were both like "CRINKLED"???  "Yes!" she said. "Crinkled!". We jumped for 2 hours at a bounce house today so I'm guessing maybe she has a sore or pulled muscle?She also has bad excema so maybe it itches or is bugging her.  Jeff gently massaged it for her and now she is happy again. So funny. She is quite fond of pointing out her boo-boo's lately. The tiniest scratch needs a band aid and kisses and LOTS of medical attention from Dr. Mommy & Daddy. Such a character!

The other thing she's been saying lately is about her eyes. She is convinced they are black. I tried to tell her otherwise, but she is very adamant. She asks to look in the mirror and then says "SEE? They ARE black. I have black eyes! I like my BLACK eyes!" So Jeff & I just gave up and now just nod and smile and agree with her (for now) that she has lovely black eyes. :-)

Another cute story... we were reading a sweet book tonight about a duck name Ruby that takes her time. The one line is "we'll call her Ruby because she is small and precious". To that she exclaimed "just like me!" hahaha. Yes, just like you, Rubes.

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