Sunday, June 12, 2011

Impromptu Cook Outs

We had 2 this weekend. Very laid back and fun.
I told Rubes we were gonna make cookies. I turned around to find her in her Chef's hat and holding her apron around her. "I'm READY!" she said. Man, I love her. So many smiles she brings!
On her slide with the fancy white tutu her Aunt Tammey got her.
We had absolutely no plans this weekend. Turns out my brother didn't either. So Friday we decided a gathering should be had! He brought my cousin Jack (also his room mate) and their sweet neighbors (now our friends) and wala! Instant party! The photo is us later in the evening sitting by the fire pit. Felt so bad for Rubes when the other 2 families invited had to cancel at the last minute. There were supposed to be at least 3 kids there for Ruby to play with. Little bug took it in stride and hung with us big kids all day.
A certain little miss ADORES her Uncle Jay.
The feeling is very mutual.
Cute couple Glenn and Lauren
Ruby snuggles with Daddy
The next day Jason came over again. This time with Ryan. The kids had a ball bouncing.
Sunday was all about the kids. They went from bouncey to pool to playroom and back again. With a short stop at the table, of course.
Loved seeing them have such a good time together.
Cutie pies making music.

Sometimes the best times are those you don't plan for. 

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