Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Time

I am a bit behind on my posts so playing a little catch-up today. Last weekend we spent in Hbg, visiting both our families. Such a nice trip!
Saturday it was raining so Jeff's mom suggested the Whitaker Center in downtown Hbg. A great idea and Rubes had a great time discovering this and that. (Kind of like the Please Touch Museum). Here she is working the grocery check out.
They had the cutest conveyor belt that Rubes thought was just the best.
Very serious about her task. :-)
Water play was, of course, a hit as well.
Pappy and Daddy getting in on the fun with a calorie burning contest.
Rubes has so much fun with Grammy & Pappy this weekend.
Now those are some serious tinker toys!
Sunday, hanging at my mom's. Jeff with the kids.
Ruby LOVES her Uncle Jay.
Picked up my brother David for a visit and we all went to the local church picnic together.
David and Mom
David catches up with one of his favorite people - dear family friend, Fritzie.
Ruby entertained the little old ladies and danced her heart out. This child LOVES music. On another visit weeks back, she was dancing her heart out also. Here are some shots:
Sweet cousins Lessi, Rubes, Nina, and Ryan dancing up a storm. They are doing kolos - traditional folk dances originating in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, etc.
Even Mommy got in on the action. Used to dance these a lot when I was a kid. Forgot how much fun it is! We danced and danced and danced that night!
Dommy and Ruby were inseparable this day. Very cute.
Rubes kept dragging him around and he happily obliged along with another sweet girl, Bella.
Getting love and tickles from the cousins - Glenn, Nina and Dino.
Lovely ladies Joanne and Dorthea. My cousin Dorthea is having a rough time right now battling cancer. She is one awesome, life-loving, tough lady so we know she's gonna be ok, but we hate what she is going through right now. Please send some good vibes and prayers out for her that she has a quick recovery!

So grateful for time with both our familes!

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Jessica said...

T loves to dance too. But he has more a break dancing style!

I've never heard of a kolo, but it looks like fun. I love your and Ruby's dresses. Seeing you and Ruby all decked out reminds me I need to try harder on the weekends!